‘Days of Our Lives’ Chandler Massey’s Weight loss Success

Triple Day-Time Emmy award winner Chandler Massey has portraited the gay character of Will Horton for over 1000 episodes of Days of Our Lives. Throughout his career he had always had a fit “camera ready” body by living a healthy lifestyle. However after a two year absence from Days of Our Lives, he had let his health slide backwards and packed on the pounds. He wasn’t worried, as he thought when he returned to television again, he’d easily be able to strip his excess body fat off.

Unfortunately for Chandler like many of us, it was not as easy as he thought it would be. He put it down to ageing and thought he would never be fit and healthy again. Like many people struggling to lose weight, Chandler tried a variety of weight loss programs, all of which, did not help him. Chandler continued a pattern of starving and binging and even throwing up. He gave up a hundred times, and tried again 101 times, until he found his turning point.

Chandler Massey weight loss before and after.

Chandler learned from his failures over those three years and examined his relationship with food. He realized that his poor eating habits were tied around his negative feelings. Learning to cope with these feelings, without the use of food for a coping mechanism, was the key to Chandler’s weight loss success.

Here I am with Chandler Massey, (left) and some cast from Days of Our Lives. NBC Studios.

Chandler admits it still isn’t a smooth journey, he is human and slips up. He has still resorted to food at times, as a coping mechanism when upset. However the difference this time, is setbacks like this are one step backwards and two steps forward. Chandler forgives himself for this, learns from it and continues to move forward with his health and weight loss journey. He is no longer ashamed of the over weight person he was, but “damn proud” of the man he is now.

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