Happy Day’s “Potsie”-Anson Williams Beats Cancer & Inspires Others

Happy Days star Anson Williams has shared his story of how he beat stage two colon cancer — and gained a new perspective on life. He underwent two surgeries and spent three weeks in the hospital, but he emerged with more than just a clean bill of health — he had a new attitude. “I turned it into a positive,” Anson said of his diagnosis. “I learned I have a purpose for living.”

“It was the wake-up call I needed,” Anson, 67 told Close Magazine. “I needed to reprioritize my life. It actually became beneficial for me in that I became so much stronger about what I believe in.” Most of all, “I learned to have a deeper appreciation for my family,” Anson says of Jackie, his wife of nearly 30 years, as well as his five daughters and two grandchildren. “I always knew I loved them and they were important, but now it’s at a whole new level.”

From left: Ron Howard, Anson Willliams, (top),
Henry Winkler,and Al molinaro .

Talking about his time in hospital, Anson said: “I would walk around my floor and try to make patients and other people laugh.” I did what I was trained to do — bring good humor, take the stress out of people’s lives, and make them smile.”

Anson also said he has also been trying to help others facing similar health crisis by opening up about his cancer battle on social media. “I put down what I was feeling, and I thought people would connect with my story,” he says. “I wanted to inspire someone else.”

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