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Michu Meszaros- The Actor Inside Alf Costume

"The Smallest Man in the World"

Michu Meszaros, was coined the smallest man on earth for being only 33 inches tall. Born in Hungary, he began performing in the circus as a teenager. He joined Ringling. Barnum and Bailey Circus in the 1970’s and performed for U.S. presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.

He was close friends with Michael Jackson, and was a regular at Neverland ranch. Jackson even hired Michu to appear in one of his famous Pepsi ads.

He accompanied Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie on their honeymoon to Hungary and is seen in footage captured by TV news show Hard Copy at the time standing in front of them at the top of the steps of their jet.

The city of Hawthorne in California honored the actor by naming their shortest street ‘Michu Lane’ in the 1980s.

Photo: Michu Meszaros and Joe Faulkner (Good Hollywood)

He landed the role of walkaround ALF in the 1980’s. He was the man inside the costume whenever a full-body shot was needed for scenes of the alien walking, running, or standing. 

Meszaros also appeared on the TV series “Dear John” and “H.R. Pufnstuf,” and had small roles in movies such as “Look Who’s Talking” and “Big Top Pee-wee.”

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