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You may arrived here by clicking on a story that was for members only. Becoming a member gives you advice and motivation with Member only access stories from Hollywood to help live your best life !

A 6 month subscription includes online access to a Dr Sears certified health coach!

A certified Health Coach, will help you to achieve your health and wellness goals by providing trusted, science-based information, positive encouragement and motivation. Health coaches help clients change their lives, improving their physical health and overall wellbeing.

Based on years of scientific research and medical expertise, you’ll get the knowledge to reduce the risk of heart disease, blood pressure, and blood sugar, prevent cancer, improve memory, lose weight, stay fit, reverse bone loss, rejuvenate skin, subdue stress, improve your sex life, and reduce the need for medication.

You’ll also have access to online clutter coaching to help declutter your home !

Are you surrounded by papers? Overstuffed closets? Are you stepping over toys or searching under piles, and leaving boxes of mementos unopened for years? Do you feel under siege by your belongings? This program is for anyone who wants to let go and escape the suffocating clutter in their lives, and is included with your membership subscription.

Members have access to both health and clutter coaching programs for the discounted price of only $297. (Although you do not have to participate in both, if you do not want to).

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