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When you subscribe to Good Hollywood, you become someone that is helping families facing hunger.

Every week subscribed, provides at least one meal to a family in need.

Hunger can affect people from all walks of life. Many Americans are one job loss or medical crisis away from food insecurity.

You’ll also be feeding your own mind with selected uplifting stories for members only, from Good Hollywood. With so much negativity in the media today, we have to be careful what we feed our minds. Of Course stay informed, but make sure you also include some positivity. It’s a proven way to help reduce stress!

Positive information benefits us emotionally, physically, and mentally. It can contribute in a meaningful way to a happier and healthier life.” – Harvard psychology professor, Tal Ben-Shahar.

Supported by actors, such as MASH’s Mike Farrell and Loretta Swit:

“I’m so glad you are doing this.” – Emmy award winning actress, Loretta Swit.

For only the price of cup of coffee each month, you can feed someone in need, feed your own mind, and you can cancel anytime.

Feed your mind. Feed someone in need.
Good Hollywood – the stories that feed US.


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