See a joyful new photo of Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers

It’s truly is a beautiful day in the neighborhood now that we’re getting new glimpses of Tom Hanks as the beloved Mister Rogers.

The new photo. was released to mark what would have been the 91st birthday of Fred Rogers, a man who continues to change the world for the better even though he has been gone for many years. 

To celebrate, the milestone, Sony Pictures/TriStar has released this new image of Tom Hanks playing the beloved children’s television star in the upcoming heartwarmer A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

The new photo, the 62-year-old actor looks a lot like Mister Rogers, wearing a cardigan and tossing his shoe in the air.

Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers in newly released photo

If you ever watched Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, you know this moment — when he pauses while changing into his sneakers, tossing one dress shoe through the air while he sings his opening song.

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