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The Good Hollywood Diet

Achieve your weight loss goals with my 12-week online health coaching program – The Good Hollywood Diet. Maintaining a healthy weight is vital for experiencing an exceptional life!

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Embarking on a weight loss journey can be challenging, but as your dedicated Personal Weight Loss Coach, I will offer motivation and assistance to keep you on the right path. Regain control of your health and implement sustainable lifestyle transformations with my guidance.

Savor The Foods You Adore!

Weight loss becomes significantly easier when you genuinely enjoy the food you consume! With The Good Hollywood Diet, you will effortlessly cultivate a wholesome relationship with food while still indulging in the dishes you love.

As I embarked on a quest to uncover the secret to living a good life, a thought occurred to me that I have never encountered an overweight celebrity. This journey led me to be mentored, coached, and guided by some of the top peak performers, high-income earners, renowned celebrities, and influential executives in the Hollywood industry. Among the many that I met, I observed they were in excellent physical shape! I discovered there are reasons for this weight loss phenomenon, which ultimately transformed me to shed 50 pounds and become athletic. I am eager to share this “secret sauce” that I uncovered with you so that you can achieve your weight loss goals and get in shape too.

I will assist you in pinpointing your weight loss objectives while ensuring they’re in harmony with your lifestyle, and I’ll provide the motivation and guidance needed to keep you on track throughout your journey. My scientifically backed approach to shedding pounds revolves around an effective 12-week core program. Experience substantial weight loss with a plan that is formulated based on scientific principles. Put your trust in the proven science to not only lose weight but also maintain it in the long run. Our supportive online community will keep you inspired during this transformational process. Enjoy mouthwatering meals that will keep you satisfied for extended periods, contributing to successful weight loss and long-term maintenance of your ideal body weight. With nothing at stake other than excess pounds, embark on this life-changing journey today.

Savor the meals you adore without worrying about weight loss. Forget about counting calories or monitoring your food intake. This is neither enjoyable nor necessary for achieving a healthy lifestyle. You deserve to focus on more important aspects of life rather than being tethered to your phone by using an app every day, which can negatively impact your well-being.

Embark on my 12-Week Program

(Week 1-12) that marks the beginning of your weight loss journey. Tailored to help you achieve a healthy weight loss sustainably during the initial 12 weeks, this program aims at teaching you the core principles and philosophy behind sustainable weight loss. With our guidance, work towards shedding 1 to 2 pounds per week in the long run, setting you up for lasting success in managing your body weight.

Experience week-by-week guidance in your weight loss journey, with options for group or individual coaching. Learn the philosophy and maximize the benefits of this weight loss program tailored to your needs. As your dedicated personal weight loss coach, I will assist you in setting realistic goals and keep you inspired throughout the process so you can ultimately reach your desired outcome.

Discover Nutrition Made Simple

Life is already complex enough without adding complications to healthy eating. My program and customized plans are designed to streamline this aspect of your life.

No quick fixes – my approach focuses on long-term success without relying on pills or shakes. By employing nutritional and behavioral science, this weight loss program effectively changes your relationship with food, promoting a healthier lifestyle and well-rounded weight loss results.

When I was carrying extra weight.
Joe Faulkner with “Superman” Dean Cain.

A robust weight loss support system!

Experience the benefits of not going through it alone. My expert coaching in weight loss is here to back you up.

What sets this weight loss program apart from the rest?

I guide you on your journey towards shedding pounds and cultivating healthy habits, gradually progressing with one small step at a time through live coaching. Yes, you’ll engage with an actual human being for discussions. No need for apps or gadgets. We often depend excessively on technology. Fad diets promising swift weight loss tend to be limiting and seldom deliver lasting results. With no tracking or calorie counting required, our approach makes it simpler to sustain your progress.

Achieving weight loss is not only about focusing on your diet; it’s also essential to maintain a healthy mindset and strategy. Being constantly tied to your phone for tracking purposes that some other programs provide isn’t the healthiest choice. Remember, your diet comprises only 10% of the formula. The other 90% lies in addressing your mindset and strategy – something that most weight loss programs fail to tackle effectively.

As for the foods you can consume, the decision ultimately lies with you. We’ll guide you on how to savor your preferred meals while still progressing towards your weight loss objectives. Remember, there are no definitive “good” or “bad” foods – just more nutritious options and those that are less so.

Learning from the Dr Phil weight loss challenge coach.

How does my weight loss coaching work? 

I make the process as simple as possible. You can enjoy the foods and exercise that you prefer. Together, we focus on your mindset and develop strategies to accomplish your weight loss goals. Our program consists of 12 weekly live coaching sessions, with ongoing support in between to ensure you stay motivated, on track, and accountable.

Do I have to count calories or track food for weight loss?

I firmly believe that a fulfilling life should not be consumed by tracking and calorie counting. Personally, I don’t practice it. It’s not an innate habit that we need to adopt. I don’t want to be constantly tethered to my phone each day in order to monitor or count calories for everything I consume – and I successfully lost 50 pounds without doing so.

Uncover The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution:

The Good Hollywood Diet For Effective Weight Loss!

Attain your weight loss objectives with my 12-week online health coaching program!

Relish the Foods You Cherish.

Say goodbye to tracking calories or scrutinizing your food consumption. 

Under my expert guidance, aim to shed 1 to 2 pounds per week consistently, establishing a solid foundation for long-lasting success in managing your body weight. 

My approach emphasizes long-term triumph in weight loss. Choose between group or individual coaching options or a workshop. Don’t miss this opportunity as there are limited weight loss coaching spots available. Act swiftly. Reach out to me today.

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