This Western Set is Now a Parking Lot

As the popularity of western movies declined, there was no need for as many western filming sets.

This western set, long since demolished was at Paramount Studios, Hollywood. As a fan of western movies, particularly John Wayne ones, I wished I could have seen this outdoor set before it was removed.

This western set was used for many movies, and television shows such as Bonanza, and even The Brady Bunch.

An arial view of the outdoor western set at Paramount Studios, as it was used before being demolished.

Below is a photo of how it looks today. I took this photo one evening, as I was walking by. It is now used for studio workers as a parking lot. It does however have a dual purpose. Soil was removed to make the parking lot below ground level. This is then able to be filled with water for ocean and water scenes, with the big screen in the background as the sky. This screen has remained and was still there when the western set was in place. There was also a fake mountain to the left, that has also gone.

Paramount Studios parking lot as it is today, which in a previous life was a western set.

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