A good life is being at a healthy weight, without the constant struggle and restriction to get you there!

Everyone is different and this is why most weight loss programs FAIL. They are designed for the masses.

As your coach, I work with you to overcome your individual obstacles that you experience in losing weight and keeping it off. Yes, KEEPING IT OFF!

How many times have you been motivated, started a weight loss program, lost weight and then put it all back on, and maybe even some more? It’s a frustrating and sad cycle!

My coaching is here to end that cycle, once and for all! This is an individualized service catering to your specific needs of losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way without the feeling of deprivation.

There are other expensive ways to lose weight, such as surgery, and injections, that all come with unwanted side effects. You deserve a healthy way to lose weight and get healthier.

This is a wholistic approach to living an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle for life.

About my weight loss coaching:

  • It’s a healthy lifestyle, because your health is the priority.
  • There are no special shakes, prepared meals or equipment to buy.
  • You chose the food you eat.
  • You chose the exercise you do. (Although not necessary for weight-loss, exercise is highly recommended for all its other health benefits, and I’ll help you achieve long term success.
  • Aims at improving health and weight loss for the long term in a realistic way.
  • You will not be expected to do anything you do not want to. If there is something you are not ready for yet, we will find an alternative way.
  • I use a mixture of coaching and counselling skills to help you move past blocks and achieve your goals.
  • I am 20kg lighter than my heaviest weight. I know the struggles and bring empathy with what you are going through.

This isn’t a bargain basement offer. It’s an incredible opportunity and investment in you, and your health and wellbeing. You probably could expect to save money on medical bills, medications in the future with a healthy lifestyle, anyway. It’s not typical for everyone, I know, but for me as an example, my asthma is now under control because I live a healthy lifestyle. I can enjoy traveling again, and hiking. I went from size large clothes to medium slim-fit sized clothes that look great on me. My self-image has improved, along with my energy levels. What will living a healthy lifestyle and losing weight do for you?

Live coaching sessions via zoom, or if you prefer by phone.

If you have a more urgent weight loss goal, such as an upcoming wedding, or to be camera ready for a tv show or upcoming tour, then you may want to choose my weight-loss boot camp program.

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